Arda and [more] Helper!Cat

Oooh look at all those shiny new visitors from Arda Wigs! Arda’s kind of awesome specifically for me, because I have a huge-ass head. Aside from Arda, I’ve yet to find a wig maker that makes wigs that will fit said head, AND all my stupid hair.
Beetlejuice 1
So Hooray Arda! And thanks for sharing my Beetlebabe on your tumblr!

Now that you’ve dealt with that, here’s more Helper!Cat not actually helping me finish the new costume for Pop Expo. Which I need to get finished since there’s a chance I might be stuck on that TV show thing in the crowd. When you’re manning a table there’s nowhere to run.

Cat not actually helping

“What’s that? you wanted to work on that thing behind me? I’m just going to nap here, purring with my toes hooked into your skin.”

Since this picture was taken, Helper!Cat was shipped off to her grandparent’s for a couple days so I can finish my crafting in time. Sorry Mom! Sorry Cat!

Hope you still love me,
xox Calamity

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