So… Okatuthon made a little announcement today.


If you heard squealing in the National Capital Region… I’m not sorry. The announcement popped up on my Fb feed just before lunch and I spent the lunch hour practically bouncing from foot to foot, bleating like the happy goat I am.

zodiac #selfie


Things to know about the World Cosplay Summit (WCS):

  • Canada’s only going to be Observer status in 2015
    • That means you still get to go to Japan!
    • You still get to show off your shit!
    • You just don’t compete in the World Championships
  • You have to cosplay a character from a japanese anime, manga or video game.
  • You compete in pairs, no more, no less.
    • Not one, nor three, nor two and a half.
  • Canadian cosplayers’ only chance to win the coveted ‘Team Canada’ positions for WCS in 2015, and that’s at Otakuthon.
    • You’ve only got one chance!
      • That’s it!
        • oh shit.
          • That’s in 2.5 months.
            • OH SHIT.

panic cat


Go forth awesome Canadian Cosplayers and show the world how fuckin’ awesome we are.

…(Mom, sorry for the swearing.)

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