17 Days. Crap.



17 Days.

That’s less than 3 weeks.

Argh. so much left to do!

Here’s a couple of progress shots though. If only to prove to myself that I’m not killing myself over nothing, and that I HAVE made progress.

(Even if it’s not as much as I’d like.)

Thing 1

Fig 1. Thing 1

If there’s a surprising lack of Cosplay Cat in these pics, it’s because she was perched on my legs. Ugh look at those seams. Must fix.

Thing 2

Fig 3. Thing 2

A rainbow of worbla! Thing 2 is looking a little better than Thing 1. I feel like my worbla skills have improved tenfold over the course of this project.



Every once in a while you’ll see a shape that you can’t unsee. This part of Otakuthingy has been a headcrab from the start, and probably will always look like that to me.


 Things left to do: MOST OF OTAKUTHINGY.

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