Katsu Krunch – 6 Days (Cat is Fine but Calamity is stress)

oh hi

long story short: Cat is silly and scraped herself on something.

so much stressssssssss.

Aion is at a point I can set it aside and focus on my other big Katsu costume…

Sailor Pluto by NoFlutter

NoFlutter’s Sailor Pluto

I took a risk and ordered some last minute supplies from farthingale’s and bless their Canadian hearts, they shipped and I got my bones and coutil in 2 days, despite snow storms. Talking with Shushu about our Sailor group, I decided to try a different approach to the top I was going to make, which I think will be better in the long run. poufss

Instead of making a shirt, I’ll be making a double layered corset. This’ll keep everything in place nicely while I wear it, and also help slim the squishy bits that aren’t supposed to be squishy. Like my stomach and love handles.



Anyways, with no one to help me make a tape pattern, no seran wrap, and no overbust pattern, I improvised with some extra plastic bags and my dress form.


It was… a lot easier than I’d expected actually.

I also made a to-do list, that I forgot at Work. So here we are:


  • finish panniers
  • drape skirts and cut fabrics
  • run load of laundry
  • cut out bolero’s vest
  • make green bias tape
  • cast gems (2)
  • sew corset layers
  • do the dishes
  • sew underskirts
  • panic-sleep


  • muslin bows
  • sew sleeves
  • cut out bows
  • make choker
  • make red bias tape
  • combine bolero
  • finish skirts
  • prep tiara stuff

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