Throwback: Wicked Wendy Darling


Bits, Bobs n’ Betterment

What’s Good

The Jacket was he first one I made. Ever. Please ignore the potato image quality, but you can see the effort I put into it, serging everything, lining it, fitting it (top right) and the gold braid as trim. The ‘wear’ on the dress was made by basically attacking it with scissors… and being careful not to stab myself.

Room to Improve

SO, I did try to dye the dress, and while it did darken the blue somewhat, it was still paler than I wanted it to be. I’m still not great at drying items but at least I’m more aware to do swatch tests and the whole ‘content’ thing. Aka: Polyesters need ipoly dye or hahahaha NOPE.

The boots… crackled. Painted with acrylic, they lasted a full con, but by round two, or three, the paint was starting to flake off where the foot bends at the instep and along the ankle.

The necklace worked out alright, but the feathers tended to overwhelm it. And get caught on my chin. And in my hair/wig.

Also the hat! It’s too small for my big head, so I’d want to add in clips to help hold it in place, because as it is, any stiff breeze knocks it off my head.

Overall: 7.5/10

Honestly, for my skills at the time, this one turned out really well, but that was also due to me taking my time with the jacket, and really focusing on the fit and construction.

Have worn to many a con!

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