What’s up with Calamity?

[ image of T-Rex costume from bargainmoose.ca ]

Hi Folks,

Normally there’d be a Sew-Along post here at this time. However the Day Job has sort of exploded lately in a volcano of pus and grossness. The TL;DR version is that my boss has been doing some shady things with relation to my Fibromyalgia and I’ve been dealing with setting up meeting with higher-ups, documenting everything and looking into solutions as I fight back for myself. Yes, discrimination based on illness is illegal. That’s his problem, not mine.

Rawr. Imma T-Rex. *Screech-roars*

Unfortunately this means that I didn’t get enough progress done this weekend to update the Sew Along. I hope to get that up tomorrow or Wednesday because sewing and blogging are things I love, and help relax me.

Thanks all for understanding, and a big lovely shout out to the support from all my friends, the hugs, the parents for having my back and listening and offering advice.

Love to you all,


One thought on “What’s up with Calamity?

  1. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat a poopface! (Your boss, not you!) I hope things go well for you!
    Looking forward to the new progress post, but please take your time!

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