CosNews – Sept 19/16

Preview images by Tricky Love Photography

Proper News

Patterns +

J. Hart has just announced on his facebook page that he’ll be designing patterns for McCall’s. O. M. G. I’m so excited to see what he comes up with ❤

Nature Nocturne – Rock n’ Roll

Sept 30th/16

So this is local to Canada’s Capital Region but every month the Canadian Museum of Nature puts on an evening event called Nature Nocturne. What is it?


Photo by Martin Lipman © Canadian Museum of Nature

It’s a themed event with…

dancing, hands-on activities, artists, performers and more! 8 pm – midnight

Okay but what’s it got to do with cosplay?
Well, I’ll be there in my Victreebelle cosplay (lol, finally?) along with Melting Mirror and Lasiral Cosplay helping out with the pokestops in the Dinosaur exhibit. If you’re in the area it’s definitely an event worth looking into.

Cuz like, dinosaurs, man.

Women vs. Cosplay – Kickstarter

If you remember that awesome Men vs Cosplay calendar that came out a while back, you’ll be familiar with the idea behind Anabel Martinez’s latest kickstarter: Women vs. Cosplay.


Photo from ‘Women vs Cosplay’ Kickstarter page (c) Anabel Martinez

Submissions to be in the calendar are closed now and they’ve whittled the submissions down to the final choices.

Full disclosure: I’ve been chosen to be included as Ghost Rider and I’m excited, but I’m also not getting any funds from this. And it’s an awesome project besides. I love the variety of cosplayers they’ve chosen, because it really shows the range of styles and skills our beloved hobby has grown to encompass.

Blog News

Ran Away, But I Came Back


I was gone to the mountains and now I’m back and I’m trying not to pine away for the pretty scenery and fresh (but thin!) air. My little Hippie heart was so happy to just sit surrounded by trees and birds and water and mountains. And apparently bears, because everywhere we went had ‘Bear sighting’ warnings. Luckily all bears stayed a healthy distance away.


Top right photo of my inquisitor by Tricky Love Photography, rest by me

Once I’m done re-acclimatizing to a city with all it’s people, I’ll have some updates on Victreebelle and what’s next for a sew-a-long. In the meantime I’ll be missing my travel-mates: Melting Mirror, Vickybunnyangel, Shushuwafflez, Nomadic Goldfish, Lichon Photography, Thistle Photography and Tricky Love (photography)

Guest Posts? Guest Posts!

Do you want to do a pattern review? What about a tutorial? If you have something in mind drop me a line about your idea. I reserve the right to turn down any ideas that not fit the theme of, which is: positive, constructive and instructive.

Worried about writing skills? I’ll be doing an edit pass on all submissions for grammar/flow/etc. I’m more interested in content than in conjugations, though puns are always A+!

oxox Calamity

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