CosNews – Dec 9/16

photo by Pitfire Photography.
L-R,T-B: Vickybunnyangel, Meltingmirror, Elemental, Calamity, Kurumasha, Miss Messy Mia

Proper News

International Costumer’s Guild

Canadian Costuming

So. I’ve been a bit quiet on this front lately, partially due to family and health reasons, and partially because I’ve been working on getting something else set up.

The Greater Canadian Costumer’s Guild



What’s this? A Canadian Costumer’s Guild? Well, sort of. It’s meant to ultimately become a new chapter of the ICG for Canadian costumers. Why does Canada need two chapters?

  • We’re hella wide as a country guys. It’s hard to hang out in person.
  • Support Canadian arts and artists, and Costuming is Art.
  • Curate a Canadian costuming archive online that is freely and easily accessible to everyone.
  • provide online resources for…
    • costumers: Historical references, patterns, tutorials and mentorship
    • con runners: sample documents for codes of conduct, panel ideas, guest suggestions, etc
    • masquerade or contest runners: sample documents and guidelines for running a costuming contest, clarification on ICG myths and rules, advice we’ve learned the hard way so you don’t have to
  • Offer Canadians more options and a voice at the ICG Board
  • Encourage and support costumers of all levels of skill, experience and background while building a positive and supportive community.

If this is something you’re interested in, head over to and check us out! We’re already past our minimum required number of members to apply as a chapter to the ICG.

What if we’re denied because I wrote a slightly ‘fighty’ post?

Aside from the fact that I doubt that would happen, I’d make the chapter into THE Canadian Costuming Guild.

This is a project worth doing. So, here we go.

Take care of yourselves,
xox Calamity

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