CosNews – Jun 29/17

top image by Tricky Love Photography, edited by Vickybunnyangel

Proper News


Cosplay by McCall’s

I swear McCall’s comes out with new patterns more often than I put up CosNews posts. And Sweet Cosplay Jesus, that BlacMagic dress (M2100) is marvelous but there’s also no way I’d be able to wear it. The Mysstic coat (M2099) is super cute and with a few alterations, could be reminiscent of Alexander McQueen’s famous red cloak (below)



While releasing less often, Simplicity also has some new patterns out for the cosplayer. Three bombshells: Stargirl (S8433), Black Canary (S8431)*, and Batwoman (S8432). There’s also a Classic Harley Quinn (S8434) and a bomber jacket (S8418) for all your D.Va and/or Riverdale needs.

* continuing my trend of making things right before the pattern comes out

Upcoming Cons and Stuff!

Con Bravo!

Oh hey what’s this? I’ll be a guest at ConBravo! 2017, running panels about online voice, presence and content, and also intermediate and advanced costuming skills.

This will be my first time so I’m pretty excited to go, and even more so as a guest! I’ll be bringing patterns to donate as prizes for the Masquerade so if you’re entering I can’t wait to see what you’ve made!

Calamity, signing off for now.

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