Cosplay Guide: Monster Hunter Edition (Low Rank)

Note! If you haven’t played Monster Hunter World yet, beware mild spoilers for early armor sets.

Note #2! Unless otherwise stated, all prices are listed in USD.

These are suggestions to help anyone who wants to cosplay these designs, but doesn’t know where to start. If you find a better fabric, more helpful pattern, go for it!

Kulu Armor

I really dig the colour scheme and desert nomad aesthetic here. It’s unfortunate that it’s a belly-costume (since I don’t like to show mine) but it would be easy to extend the top down to tuck into the belt.  And for once the men’s armor also has skin! (dat deep v, tho)



You have two approaches here: Either get twill and do applique, or a leather like material and use a leather or multi-surface paint to paint on the pattern. I chose to find sources for the orange since cream is a bit easier to find in most fabrics and paints.

Right to Left:

Pants and undershirt

For the men’s pants, they’re box pleated and look to be leather or a worn twill in a basic tan. The women’s are much softer looking and look to be a cool, almost olive, brown.

Right to Left:

Sash & Cape

This was the hardest to source, since it’s a sun-faded salmon/rust colour.

Left to Right:


Pukei Armor


This is the costume that kicked off the whole post when I was browsing Cosplay Fabric’s sale and realised that the Mermaid Oil slick in the original green was the perfect fabric for this set. Naturally I tweeted about it in the most professional of ways:


Although the picture above just looks like a flat green, the monster itself has green, blue, purple feathers and scales. (he’s so derpy and silly, he’s my favourite of the game, hands down). So I expanded the fabric selection to be lustrous like the scales might be in real life.


Left to Right:

Brown Leather

Left to Right:


Left to Right:


Anja Armor

This is definitely the ‘worst’ when it comes to splitting the armor by gender. BUT. I still really like aspects of both designs so I’m going to cover the Anja armorset anyways.


The main fabric actually varies in colour here. The women’s armor is pink lizard print while the men’s is a rusty red. The Anjanath is actually pink, so I totally think they should have made the men’s pink too.

Lizard skin Fabrics

Left to Right:

These are all spandex fabrics, and will require a bit of extra care while working with them. However stretching them over an EVA foam base or sewing them to a spandex spacer/lining will help add some body. I did a little search for non-spandex fabrics but didn’t find anything in the right colour family.


Left to Right:


Left to Right:

Don’t forget your Palico!


Simplicity’s Stuffed Kitties (8403)

See you out on the hunt!
xox Calamity

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