Con Chronicles: Pop Expo 2013



So normally my Con Chronicle posts are pretty long, and talk about all kinds of things, but I’m kind of stoked about some other thing in my writing life, and have two looming deadlines. So, I’mma be brief.

Pop Expo was kind of a gamble this year for many reasons: It was a first year con, Heroes of Cosplay were going to be attending and Winter.

If you don’t know why Winter is a problem, you may not be Canadian. Winter means it’s cold as balls outside, and fewer people will want to take the bus or wait in lines. Winter also means salt, and salt leaves salt stains on precious things like boots and cosplays. Despite the gamble, Pop Expo turned out quite well, with very little HoC drama, and even some sales from the table!


I so nearly finished my Red cape, all I have to do is hem the very bottom. I’m pretty proud of this, not just because it kept me warm all day, but also because almost everyone that saw it asked how I’d managed to get such expensive fabric. Baha, sales baby. Sales.

Red Riding hood cape swirl
Photo by Lee Wallace

The Masquerade started late, which was kind of great, kind of not. Great in that after the Dealer’s room closed I still made it in time for Novice and up. Not so great in that it ran late and I was ready for sleep by the time it was done.

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